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The Review Revue – Allan Browne: the Poetry of Classic Jazz

Is it really a year since Allan Browne last played at Stonnington Jazz Festival?

His latest show, The Poetry of Classic Jazz, featured a five-piece band performing New Orleans-influenced jazz and the inimitable Browne sharing some of his favourite pieces of poetry over the jams.

The band leader started with a rendition of W. H. Auden’s Funeral Blues, a tribute to Melbourne drummer Peter Jones who passed away on Friday. Jones had drummed for numerous acts, most famously Crowded House, before he was struck with cancer. Continue reading


Rebirth Brass Band- Australian tour

7.30pm 14 March 2011 at the Dallas Brooks Centre, East Melbourne

A Reserve- $130.00 / B Reserve- $85.00

Formed in 1982, the Rebirth Brass Band is a Louisiana institution. Almost 30 years later, their presence on the New Orleans scene is not only still relevant, but more importantly, still fun. Thanks to HBO’s wonderful TV series Trem­é, Rebirth have been introduced to a whole new audience whose ears may never have been graced by the get-yo-ass-off-that-seat tunes which blow proudly from their horns.

And now, they’re coming to Melbourne.

Expect Rebirth to dazzle with good old-fashioned rhythm and blues, funk and soul while giving nods to modern styles like hip hop to get you dancing down the aisles, clapping your hands and singing to the roof tops.

This is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss- come and experience your own piece of the Big Easy right here in Melbourne at the Dallas Brooks Centre on 14 March 2011, with tickets through Ticketek.

Sebastien de Robillard