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The Story of Me and Juzz (I mean Jazz)- Part 2

I was showering the other day, pondering my jazz roots and thinking about when I first listened to jazz. I was trying very hard to connect with the younger me, to understand my mindset, but to no avail. Naturally, it wasn’t until I was on the tram that it hit me. For some bizarre reason, I do my best thinking on the tram.

The answer to my question was hip-hop. The question itself: how did I get into jazz? Or perhaps, where did it all begin?

Hip-hop. Two words and a hyphen. Hip-hop was my formal introduction to jazz.

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Artists like The Last Poets and Gil Scott-Heron read their poetry over beats and jazz tunes in the ‘70s but it was still a few years before hip-hop really got started, and we have a Jamaican named Kool Herc and his giant sound system to thank for that. Continue reading



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Simply, our aim is to promote this special music in this great ‘ole town and to help you navigate the sometimes infuriating and occasionally confusing, but ultimately rewarding, world of jazz.

Luke James